**Tatum, Daddy, & Trinity – Halloween 2014**

Good day Soulmates!  It has been a fun and exciting year.  As the holiday’s set in, I started to reflect and wanted to post something to see how things have been going.  Let’s see:

*Tacoma & I were blessed with a new child (welcome Tatum Rose Perry! We love you!)

*Trinity started some home schooling, as well as going to a co-op home school class with her Mommy

*Tacoma left her job as an TV Reporter/Personality to spend some quality time with Trinity & Tatum

*We are now leading a Bible Talk at our Church

That’s just four of the MANY amazing things we are grateful and thankful for as we enter this 2014 holiday season.  My last post on the website was January of this year.  I took some time this morning to read over that post, and it laid out some specific goals about having an “New Year, New You” mentality.  It was both refreshing, and yet sobering.  The goals were:

*Continue maturing in my relationship with God, making Christ Lord over ALL (always a work in progress!)

*Be more empathetic towards my wife in all things (I’d give myself a B in this.  I hope she does too!)

*Lose 50 lbs (I’ve only lost 20.  Argh!)

*Buy a Home (we chose to push this until next year, if not longer)

*Write a blog post a week (this, sadly is the 1st post SINCE I wrote that post!)

Continue Maturing in my Relationship with God


Let me go through these step-by-step.  I have definitely matured in my walk with God, but this is always something I am constantly working on.  Taking on a role as a Bible Talk leader has been such a gift, more than I could ever have imagined.  Having a group of individuals to learn with, grow with, and love on has been rewarding beyond measure.  I love my Jesus Peeps (that’s our Bible Talk), and I’m excited for the many things we have done, and will continue to do, as we grow in spreading the gospel.  Thankfully, this may be the one area I feel I have been “most successful” at this year.

Be more empathetic towards my wife in all things


Tatum, Mommy, Trinity circa Oct. 3, 2014 aka 5 years to the day she said YES!

I pray I have been more empathetic towards her needs.  On May 2nd, we were blessed with the newest addition to the family, Tatum Rose Perry.  This day also happened to unofficially be the last day she would work for her previous employer, as her contract was up May 17th, and we wanted to devote more time to our two daughters.  So Tacoma took on the incredible title of full time Mommy/Wifey, and she has been AMAZING.  Let me say this…I don’t believe there is a more important role in the world than that of a TEACHER.  And what is a MOTHER more than anything?  A TEACHER, who spends more time with her children than almost anyone else.  I’m so grateful for her heart, and her willingness to, as the world would say, sacrifice her career for the sake of raising her children and taking care of home.  That’s not to say there haven’t been some bruises (anytime you have worked as hard as she has for the past 20+ yrs, it’s kind of weird not having a corporate JOB), but she has been incredible!  I can only pray she feels I have been more understanding of this transition, and I’m just happy she has the patience to deal with having me as a husband.

Lose 50 lbs

If I had to give myself a grade, it would be an F, simply because I didn’t achieve the goal.  With that said, there’s still time to get closer.  I did lose 20 lbs, then gained 5, then lost 5, then….well, you get it.  But there is time to at least get CLOSER.  I’ll start to write more in detail on the highs & lows of battling weight.  I pray it will be encouraging to SOMEONE out there….I’m certain it will be for me.

Buy A Home

See, the way our checking account is setup…All jokes aside, we have pushed buying a home back on purpose.  If we see something that is JUST TOO GOOD TO PASS UP, this could change.  But in the meantime, we are being very strategic and purposeful in our quest for the home we want, which is why we have opted to wait until 2015 to explore this further.

Write a blog post a week

Sadly, this is what I have failed at the most.  I could blame it on work, or leading a Bible Talk, or having a new baby, or…I could just be honest and say I haven’t been as diligent as I need to be.  How many of us have felt this way?  How many of us FEEL this way?  The reason I came on to blog today is because THIS was the one thing I totally reneged on from JUMP.  But I also came on here to write to say THE YEAR IS NOT OVER PEOPLE!


 This is the joy in taking advantage of this day!  No matter what has been going on, YOU can still go after your goal!  Don’t quit!  If I can write this post, you can still go and work on whatever it is that will build and bring JOY in your life!  Don’t allow past hurts, past failings, past ANYTHINGS to stop you from going for it!  Today is your day….if need be, it’s the beginning of the rest of your year!  Don’t let anything stop you!

And so my journey to blog more begins…