About the Blog

The goal of Soulmates Over Soul Food is simple: find out what it takes to stay together.

There’s lot of ways to get the information, we’ve chosen to do it with a good meal. We’ll invite a happily-married couple over for dinner and for as long as it takes to digest collard greens and macaroni and cheese we’ll get as much advice as we can about marriage. Ultimately, we want to DIG into the heart of what marriage is, and how it should be treasured. Although one of us is a reporter by trade, there’s nothing that particularly qualifies us for this mission. Like many aspects of our marriage, we’re winging it. (Thankfully, doing something is not exclusive to being good at it.) We simply want to sit at the feet of those who are wiser, more experienced and learn from their example. Everyday more and more people decide they don’t want to be married by either choosing to remain single or divorcing. Soulmates Over Soul Food is for those who decide to put in the work to get and stay married. If there’s anything we’ve learned in the short time we’ve been tethered to each other it’s this: Marriage is like owning a Mercedes, anybody can get one, maintaining one is the hard part.


1 thought on “About the Blog”

  1. I appreciate your focus and message! Marriage is to be valued and treasured. In this day and age so many have lost spiritual focus, and refuse to Honor what God has created for the good of mankind…the resulting negative effect on our community and society as a whole is obvious. Thank you for your focus and great work with Soulmates Over Soul Food.

    All the best! -James and Rebecca McPherson

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