MESSAGE! (from 1.9 – 1.11 PATH Leader’s Retreat)

(I’ll be posting a topic once a day highlighting something I gleaned from an incredible leader’s retreat for our church the weekend of 1.9, and how I can use it in my own personal walk with God & my family)


In 2014, my wife & I were looking into buying a home.  When you pop babies out at the rate we have, more space is a precious commodity.  I wanted to clean a few things up on my credit to be sure we were qualified to get a good home with a great rate. Fast forward to 2015, and we can finally start looking. But for a while in 2014, we just stopped looking at homes since we knew we weren’t ready to buy.


I have found when we do things like just DREAM about the home(s) we want to buy (1st home together, and then our eventual $1.2M home one day over in the Prado of course:-), we are typically happier, more enthusiastic, and just overall “giddy”.

This is true in all things. When we DREAM BIG, the sky is the limit.  The times my wife and I have spent DREAMING have been some of the most fun & intimate times together.  Whether it has been looking for homes, searching for used cars, going on open home tours, or just planning out our lives, when we dream BIG, we are most at PEACE.  This can be true in your spiritual walk, financial fitness walk, physical fitness walk, or any WALK of your life.

The message for today is….

Please don’t stop DREAMING!