Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner!?

March 2013 – Speech and Yolanda Thomas

Speech Thomas is known worldwide as the Grammy-award winning founder of the music group Arrested Development and as a successful author. But his real passion is his partnership and decades-long marriage to his wife, Yolanda. They’ll sit around the Perry table and “chew the fat” about life, love and how they make it work.

April 2013 – Kevin “Khao” and Kimiko Cates

The Cateses

Known in the music industry as “Khao,” Kevin Cates, is a Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum producer for the likes of T.I., Jay-Z and R. Kelly. At the height of his career, he walked away from the studio and invested more than a million dollars of his own money to create Bridge DA Gap, a music-based curriculum empowering youth. Now, how do you think his beautiful wife of 9 years, Kimiko, felt about that? We find out over collard greens and the Perrys’ famous mac and cheese.


1 thought on “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner!?”

  1. E Hollonquest McGinty said:

    That is awesome! I was just bumping Tennessee in my office yesterday. Love Arrested Development! They are such a cute couple as well.

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