It’s late…

Or maybe it’s early!?  I don’t know, because I have always been a nocturnal creature, probably since the time I was in my Mother’s womb.  She tells me stories of how my Aunties would hold me at night, and I would just look up at them, staring at their eyes, staying awake until the Sun would come up.  It could be a coincidence, or simply just because, but I find myself up, at 4:26 a.m. on this 20 something (uh hmmmmm) birthday of mine.  My Mother tells me I was born early in the morning (I can never remember if it was 4:11, or maybe 6 something a.m….oh well), but it was EARLY in the morning.  And since then, I’ve been a night owl.  Always have…

Now I have a daughter who likes to wake up nice and early in the a.m. just to make sure her Mommy and Daddy love on her.  Bless her little precious self, she got her grub on, and went back to sleep.  Then I think about my little man, and how he is probably sound asleep right now in Evansville.  I remember when he would wake up this early, tap me on the head, and make that cute sucking sound with his lips…or when he got old enough to whisper “Daddy…I’m hungry”.  So precious, and as I think about these moments in life, all I can think is SO BLESSED!

I’m full of joy today, as I am blessed to be 33 years old (I’ll always be 20 something at heart).  My most incredible other half, my wife, continues to ask me what she can get me for my birthday.  She’s so giving, and so loving, she feels she has to do SOMETHING because it’s my birthday.  What she doesn’t realize is she gives me her love everyday, and that is all I really need in this world.  Between Jesus, her, my children, my mother, my sister, the Church, and my family, I have no major wants, no major needs.  The Lord blessed me, and trusted me, to be her husband.  He trusted me of all people with her heart, with her love, and with her undying affection.  She asks me what I want for my birthday all the time, but I already have what I want.


I’m so thankful and reflective this morning, because as much as I want in life (it’s a shame how the WORLD will tell us we need more, more, more!), and I’m no different than anyone else, I truly have all I need.  I thank God for the sacrifice of his Son, whom without HIS love and sacrifice, I wouldn’t have a place in HIS Kingdom forever and ever. I think about my life, and realize in my 33 years, I haven’t done ANYTHING compared to what he did in his 3 1/2 years of ministry here on Earth.  HE changed the world forever in 3 1/2 years, and in my 33 years, I have the audacity to ask for MORE.  The only person asking for MORE should be HIM….of ME. And more is what I am definitely going to give HIM.  I’m grateful for all he has entrusted in me, and as my wife asks me what I want for my birthday, I can only ask these things.

1.  I ask the Lord PLEASE continue to work on me to be a better husband to my wife.  To be more caring, more selfless, more loving, more understanding, more passionate, more forgiving, and more patient with her.  I ask HE works on my heart so I can be a better leader for her, and to guide her in HIS ways in all things.  I ask HE allows me to be a provider, and to not only be the MAN she loves, but to be a MAN better than her wildest dreams or expectations.  Ultimately, whatever she seeks in a MAN, I ask that HE take me beyond that expectations.  I ask all this in his SON’s name.  

2.  I ask HE makes me a better Father.  I want to be a good example for my son and my daughter.  I want my son to look at his father and want to emulate who I am, and what I am in life.  I want my daughter to look at her father, and see qualities in me she can look for in her future husband.  I want to raise my son to be a real MAN, who loves on his family, and strives to be the head of his household.  I want my daughter to see a man who loves his wife and children unconditionally, who shoulders the burden when trials and tribulations rear their ugly head.  Most importantly, I want them to see a Daddy who loves them for who they are, and finds his blessings are increased each day he gets to see them grow.  Daddy loves them so much!

3.  I ask HE makes me a better son to my parents.  My Mother, who truly “held it down” for me all my life.  Not only when times were great, but when they were hard.  When I have disappointed her, she has never lost sight of who I am, and what I mean to her.  I’m so thankful for all she has done in my life.  I ask that GOD always works on my heart, so I can make sure I get on the phone with her more, and I love on her more.  I don’t call as often as I should, and this is something I want God to work on me for, because her and I always have so much to share, and so much to discuss.  I’m so grateful I have a mother to speak with, to love, who loves me, and who has nurtured me into the man I am today.  I ask he works on me to be an even better son, a more disciplined son, like the SON HE sacrificed for all of us.  I ask that he makes me a better son to my father.  A son who calls to check in on his Dad more, and keeps him as a priority in his life.  

Quick tangent…Remember people…our parents don’t MAKE decisions in our lives.   They gave us LIFE!  One of our lead Evangelists preached about this a few weeks ago.  And he is so right…We have to quit blaming our parents for the byproducts of our lives.  WE make the decisions that shape and mold our lives, not our parents.  Stop blaming them for your plight in life…and take ownership of who you are!  We all do this to some degree, whether we want to admit it or not.  We find SOMETHING to want to blame our parents for.  Well guess what…THEY GAVE YOU LIFE!  As my wife would say…”get your life together!”….Focus on what you need to do to be a better person.  And if you want to start somewhere, then start with Christ:)

4.  I ask that HE makes me a better brother.  I don’t talk to my sister Angel nearly enough.  She’s about to be a married woman!  I have to make sure I’m more involved in what transpires in her life.  She will always be my little Angel.  I’ll always look at her as my little precious sister, running around with hazel eyes, and a bottle in her hand.  She’ll always be my sweet little Angel…I just pray HE can make me a better brother.  I ask that HE puts me in contact with my brothers and sisters who are all over this country.  Christopher and Christina, who are in Virginia, and sometimes even here in Atlanta.  I need to reconnect with them.  With my brother Lamar, who is in prison, and my brother DeWayne (Snoop Troop!) in Terre Haute.  With my sister Tasha down in Houston, and my sister Tiesha out in Cali.  With my brother Doran, who I believe is about to be down here in Kennesaw, along with Johnny, Mya, and Danni…with all my brothers and sisters.  I want to be a better brother, and I ask GOD work on me to do that.  I love my family, and I want to be a better example of HIS love in their lives.

5.  Lastly, but most definitely not least, I ask that HE work on making me a better STEWARD to his Kingdom, to my CHURCH family.  2012 is my year of finding who I am, and what I have to offer the kingdom.  Whether it’s Kingdom’s Kids, or reaching out to the lost in the world, or speaking with the teens or singles in our church, or whatever capacity it might be…I just want to be a better CHRISTIAN, a better DISCIPLE of HIS word.  I’m so grateful for the man, Larron Perry (no relation), whom GOD used to give me a chance at a TRUE life in this crazy world, and spot in HIS kingdom.  I ask that HE keeps me open…keeps me rooted in HIS love, and keeps me ready for all HE asks of me.

These are the things I ask for on my birthday…not presents, or anything material…

I ask that HE continues to work on me, and makes me a better MAN…a MAN he sees fit to help lead HIS people.

I ask all this in HIS son’s name, in JESUS name….