I Corinthians 16:14: And do EVERYTHING with love.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I want to send a VERY special Happy Valentine’s Day to my beautiful wife, Mrs. Tacoma Perry. She has been everything a husband can ask for and more. A lover…A confidante…A fighter (for me and against me if necessary)…A partner…A WIFE! She has been my Proverbs 31 wife, and she’s been my Ephesians 22 wife. She’s even done this “at the same time”. She loves on me, she loves for me, and she loves “through” me. What do I mean by THROUGH me you ask?

Loving “THROUGH” me means she actually loves me for who I am, not necessarily who I have been, and not even for who I will become (Lord willing, I will continue to GROW). She loves me for all my FLAWS. I once heard a saying…you know a woman loves you when she loves your daughter drawers. My wife loves me for all my faults and flaws as a human being. She prays for me, she prays with me, she cares for me, she cleans for me, she cooks for me, she loves me, and she LOVES me. She’s the epitome of all I want in a woman, and she’s a vital reason I can continuously look to God and give thanks for answering my prayers. I always talk about the time in 2008 where I literally asked GOD for a woman to “complete” me. I didn’t use that exact word…COMPLETE ME. What I asked God for was a beautiful, sexy, smart woman who would love me for who I am, and would allow me to love her with my entire heart. Notice how selfish I was in my request, as the first thing that came to mind was “beautiful & sexy”, not smart, God-fearing, social, disciplined, hard-working, and selfless? Yet, I was actually rewarded with ALL those things I just stated, along with beautiful & sexy thrown on top as an icing. I asked God for a slice of heaven on Earth, and he gave me the whole pie. How great our Father is!

Fellas, if you truly love a woman, then show her more than just today. Let your actions be the standard, and your words be the reinforcement. Not just on Valentine’s Day, but every day. We all know this isn’t possible…to treat the one you love with every fabric of your being as if every day was just sunshine…but don’t let a day go by that she doesn’t know you love her. That she doesn’t feel your love radiate in your words and actions. And on those days it just doesn’t seem to come out right, be sure to follow up with just a little “tenderness”.

Tacoma Perry, thank you for all the many blessings you have given me. Every day with you is Valentine’s Day